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The Force 10 Engineered Building System is a breakthrough in innovative construction and has been designed to use a minimum number of modular components. A galvanised steel frame is at the core and the floor, wall and roof systems are totally integrated and all components lock together easily and smoothly. The steel frame is made of BlueScope Australian steel.

Force 10 is particularly competitive in remote areas because of its ability to be “flat-packed” and its rapid construction with a minimum of skilled trades people. It is cyclone resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant and has excellent inbuilt insulation. It is a clean and green building product with an energy rating up to 9.5 stars.

Force 10 floor system
The Force 10 floor system is manufactured from galvanised steel. It bolts securely together and can be installed on steel stumps with traditional concrete footings. Compared with conventional concrete slab flooring, the time-saving benefits of using the Force 10 floor system are impressive. Force 10 – Floor SystemThe delay whilst earthmoving equipment shift and compact earth for a concrete slab prior to installation is eliminated.The Force 10 floor system can be installed on sloping and uneven surfaces. A concrete slab takes 7 or more days to cure (weather permitting) prior to the erection/construction of the building. No such delays are incurred with the Force 10 floor system. However, If preferred, our wall panels can easily be erected on top of a prepared concrete slab.

Force 10 – Anchor System Force 10 mega anchor system
The Force 10 mega anchor system is a no concrete footings solution that allows very fast floor system construction. The floor can be installed immediately after the mega anchors are in place as there are no footings to be dug.

Force 10 wall system
The Force 10 wall system is a panelised wall system, in which the panels are manufactured to close tolerance allowing the walls to be erected on site faster than normal construction projects. The wall panels are manufactured in our factory (no on-site construction) and arrive on site finished, ready for setting and painting. Conventional buildings require additional time for construction and finishing walls, followed by filling the nail and screw holes. In addition, the manufacture on the Force 10 wall system allows for tight quality control tolerances – which facilitates more time saving and standardises quality.

Force 10 roof system
All Force 10 steel roof trusses are fully fabricated and trial assembled in the factory. The trusses are then identified as to their type and design, then folded flat to produce a compact truss which is then packaged and stacked in a container ready for shipping.This simple but important step greatly assists on site productivity, accuracy and efficiency and is a highly valued on site labour saving feature of our system.

Integration of the floor, wall and roof systems
The three systems are fully integrated to ensure easy erection and maximum on site efficiency.

Did You Know

Over 250 Force 10 homes have been built in the Caribbean. These homes have proved themselves in Hurricanes Luis, Marilyn, Bertha and more recently Hurricane Georges. The Force 10 homes have clearly demonstrated they are hurricane safe.





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