Enjoy the Ultimate in quality & satisfaction with your next house build


The Ultimate in quality and satisfaction

Using Force 10 construction, Ultimate Builders delivers commercial projects on time and within budget.

Force 10 has supplied a wide range of commercial structures including Offices, Factories, Hotels, Resort Accommodation, Retirement Villages, Schools and Classrooms, Army Accommodation, Police buildings and even a Yoga Retreat.

Commercial property owners and communities can have confidence knowing that a Force 10 building can resist the most extreme weather conditions.

Force 10 builds compare very favourably economically compared with conventional buildings, and deliver an unbeatable proposition when other key attributes are considered:

  • SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION -  minimising build time, maximises availability of the structure

  • FLEXIBILITY OF DESIGN  modular components can easily be configured to meet complex design criteria

  • AESTHETIC APPEAL  modular components work extremely well with modern building designs

  • FORCE 10 ROOF SYSTEM - strength to withstand extreme weather conditions and earthquakes

  • INTEGRATION OF THE FLOOR, WALL AND ROOF SYSTEMS healthy and environmentally conscious he three systems are fully integrated to ensure easy erection and maximum on site efficiency