Ultimate Builders in Brazil

The mayor Bernardo Rossi received on Monday (23.01) executives of Ultimate Builders, company of New Zealand, specialized in sustainable constructions. The group, which already operates in Brazil, prospects ventures in Rio, São Paulo and Minas Gerais and came to seek partnership to choose Petrópolis as a municipality in Rio de Janeiro to receive hotel projects and popular houses.

Bernardo Rossi received Levin da Costa and Grant McKenzie of New Zealand and Peter Why, based in Brazil. The meeting was attended by Marcelo Fiorini, Secretary of Economic Development and Fred Procópio, who will take over the Environment, a portfolio that will be created.

“Petrópolis is open to entrepreneurs, preserving the preservation characteristics of our city. The mission of the city is to help companies to comply with legislation and establish business in the short term, “said Bernardo Rossi.

“Our goal goes beyond the construction itself. Our interest is to build partnerships and create jobs, “said Peter Why. The executive also adds that he expects the public authority to listen to local demand to adapt and “offer tailor made solutions”.

Mayor Bernardo Rossi presented executives with the program Minha Casa, Minha Vida and its various tracks and also noted the interest of the municipality in receiving hospitality projects, one of the aspects of Ultimate Global Buiders that has projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali and India.

Peter Why has also demonstrated the company’s construction line characterized by low density construction and providing environmental solutions such as drainage and sewerage, as well as mountable structures that optimize construction time.

“The mission of the secretariat now, together with the Environment, is to identify opportunities and offer the partnership that the enterprise needs,” said Marcelo Fiorini.

“We are available to show the current environmental legislation in the country and align the partnership,” added Fred Procópio.